Rule by the Margate Local Board of Health 1851 - 1858

Anthony Lee

Appendix II.

Elections for the first Local Board of Health, Margate

Canterbury Journal, September 20, 1851.

MARGATE, Sept. 18. The election of thirty members of the Local Board of Health took place yesterday.   There were forty-nine candidates. The result will not be made known until to-morrow at noon.

The following persons were nominated, but refused to serve the office of a member of the Local Board of Health: — Messrs. F. W. Cobb, O.C., T. F. Cobb, O.C., J. Waddington, O.C., G. Y. Hunter, O.C., P.D., G. Gaskell, J. Jenkins, O.C., P.D., R. Jenkins. O.C., F. Abbott, J. Kentish. G. Rowe, O.C., W. Perkins. T. D. Reeve, G. Amos, P. G. Maranack, O.C., J. Radford, J. Gurton, J. E. Wright, T. R. Flint, O.C., C. Haydon, W. Soper, G. H. Hoffman, O.C., F. Kinch, M. W. Vaughan, W. Blake, J. Woodward.

Of the forty old Commissioners, the following escaped the honor of being nominated :—Messrs. F. C. Cobb, O.C., J. M. Cobb, O.C, P.D., J. Slater, O.C., J. Neame, O.C., J. H. Stride, O.C., T. S. Rowe, O.C., P.D., G. Staner, O.C., J. Carroway, O.C., R. M. Smithett, O.C., P.D., W. Paine, O.C., W. Adams, O.C., the Rev. W. E. Hoskins, O.C.

(O.C. signifies Old Commissioner; P.D., Pier Director).


Canterbury Journal, September 27, 1851


Change of Administration.—The following thirty persons were elected members of the Local Board of Health on the 17th inst: — R. Woodward, tailor and draper, 672 votes; R. Crofts, gentleman, 517; John B. Flint. O.C., gentleman, 750; C. Kidman, baker, 436; Wm. Brooke, O.C., P.D., solicitor. 681; Edward Thomas Relph, butcher, 616; Richard Mannings, grocer, 443; Richard Wood, bather, 464; Robert Chappel Osborne, hotel keeper, 634; Joseph Staner, auctioneer, 720; Samuel Mercer, O.C., builder. 726; Edward Mottley, O.C., yeoman. 473; William Stanley, schoolmaster, 615; John Harvey Boys, O.C., P.D., solicitor, 666; William Druce Pickering, tailor, 435; Edward R. H. Wright, hotel keeper, 667; George Ovenden, gentleman, 727; James Standring, wine merchant,  497; Edward White, O.C , P.D., gentleman, 496; William Barker, O.C., P.D., gentleman, 458; Rice Giles Higgins, O.C., P.D., gentleman, 541; John Bartlett. O.C., victualler, 633; Geo. Sturges, O.C., victualler, 503; George Staner, jun., O.C., baker, 728; David Price, O.C., surgeon. 662; Thomas Peete, O.C., butcher, 433; John Boys, O.C., magistrate, 624; Charles Taddy Hatfeild, gentleman, 500; William Mercer, builder, 664; John Mercer, O.C., builder, 685.

The following nineteen persons were not elected: — Daniel Gouger, O.C. (refused during election), miller, 555; Moses Harrison, O.C. (refused during election), cordwainer, 527; Charles Bath, gentleman, 412;  John Edwards, lodging house keeper, 426; John Sackett Swinford, O.C., yeoman, 314; Frederick Chambers, doctor of medicine, 162; James Prebble, bather, 142; William Atkinson, surgeon, 404; Josiah Towne, solicitor, 222; Edward Rapson, draper, 268; Samuel S. Evenden, chemist, 268; John Phillips Cadby, chemist, 196; John Skelton, draper, 212; Robert How, gentleman, 313; James Kendall, gentleman, 133; William Sawyer, baker, 193; Robert Wood, butcher, 344; James Crofts, coal merchant, 406; James Busfield, gentleman, 318. — (O.C. signifies old Commissioner; P. D. Pier Director.)

It is remarkable that in the above list we do not find the  name of Cobb, although in the old Commission, we believe, they mustered six viz.—F. W. Cobb. Esq. (Deputy), Messrs. T. F. Cobb, F. C. Cobb, W. Cobb, J. M. Cobb, and W. Cobb, jun.